The Benefits of Custom Screen Shades for Homes

The Benefits of Custom Screen Shades for Homes in Weatherford, Texas (TX) like Designer Styles

The bright Texas sun is certainly a draw for many people, but it can also take its toll pretty quickly. For homes in Weatherford, TX, having a set of high-quality screen shades can be an essential part of your home decoration. Enhance your home style while making your patio more comfortable with the addition of patio roller shades to your outdoor seating areas as well. Every room in your home, especially your common areas, can also benefit from adding solar shades to your windows. Hunter Douglas offers highly customizable screen shades that make your home look better than ever while helping you make the most of your natural lighting.

Equip your home for comfort while making your windows look amazing with the Designer Screen Shades collection from Hunter Douglas. These stylish custom screen shades are clean and simple, transforming any room into a contemporary oasis. When you need shades to add to your patio, these shades are a great choice for keeping all angles of your home exterior looking great. Designer Screen Shades are also made to provide as small of a light gap as possible, which keeps your level of shade precise and your windows looking crisp and sophisticated.

The Designer Screen Shades are made in light-filtering fabrics which diffuse the light entering your home. This way, when you have direct sunlight beating down on your windows, only soft, diffused light will enter your home. Beyond the benefits of getting rid of harsh sun glare for aesthetic reasons, you will also enjoy how much easier it is to keep your home cool while still letting natural light into your home. The screen shades also block most of the UV rays from entering each room, which adds a protection for the floors and furnishings in your home.

Another advantage of these custom screen shades is that while they help block UV rays and filter light in your home, you still get a good look to your outdoor views. Enjoy a sense of connection to the outdoors with the Designer Screen Shades, just without the intense heat of the sun. This also makes these shades ideal for installing on your patio, where you can enjoy your surroundings in comfortable shade.

Beyond just being incredibly practical, these custom screen shades are perfect for enhancing the style in your home. You can choose from hundreds of different fabrics along with various colors and textures. You can also select different light-filtering opacities as well to find just the right shade level for each room. Finally, think about layering these stylish shades with the Designer Roller Shades for different levels of shade when you need it.

At Kim Fancher Design, we want to help make your home look as stylish as possible while also helping your home feel comfortable, which is why we offer custom screen shades from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Granbury, TX and serve Burleson, TX, Hood County, Somervell County including Glen Rose, and Parker County including Weatherford. Visit our showroom today to see how we can improve your home.